The Ups and Downs of Family Life in Missions

Being a mum and being in missions can be really hard. There is a constant pulling, whether it be family, people, housework, administration work or ministry. Of course it is not always like this, there are some days where everything is easy, where loving people is easy, and you have the energy to do everything. But somedays it is hard….

The last couple of days have been hard. Baby is not sleeping well, and my big girl is pushing boundaries. I am not getting enough time to do work that I need to for the base. So once again I am re-evaluating the way I do things… I have come up with a way that might work so I am going to give it a few weeks to see how we go… I’ll keep you posted…

One thing I know though, in all of this, that is that my God is always good! He is always loving me and always faithful and always holding me and guiding me. When I am still and listen to His voice he beckons me to a deeper place with Him and a peaceful place of rest even in the business. When you come from a place of rest, when you have made your time with Him a priority and get His Joy and Peace for situations, life becomes a whole lot easier to deal with. People become a whole lot easier to deal with.

Here is a sunset that God gave me the other night when I escaped to the beach to get some alone time with Him. A gift from Him showing me that He is with me!

Bring on tomorrow !!!


Photo by Me… using Little Moments App for the editing.

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