Laughter, Love and Running Races


Yesterday was big girls first school athletics carnival, she was great! Through just a little convincing she went in the 25m race and then was involved in some novelty field events. I mostly went so that I could cheer her on and take some photos for the family overseas, but little did I know that I would be reminded of some life lessons from my little, big girl!


Smile, it makes life so much more enjoyable when you smile!!


Learn from others, watch other people run their race and learn from them, what works, what doesn’t.


Find good friends to enjoy life with, oh and pose as much as you can!


Find joy in what you are doing this second!


Cheer yourself on as well as cheering on others


Be yourself and run your own race


And lastly… A day has never fully been experienced unless you end it like this!

I love seeing life in a different way through my two girls, and watching them experience life, and learn through these experiences. I know that God sees us in the same way. I pray that I can experience life like my two girls… Jesus came that we could have life and have it to the fullest, am I using the life God gave me to the fullest?

John 10:10

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