Taking Time

IMG_1125This week is a busy one! We have the DTS or Discipleship Training School starting next week, so we have students and staff arriving all week. As well as the BSN (Bible School for the Nations) that Hubby is a student in, that is still running. From wake up till bed time it is all go go go. I cannot complain though… this is what we have been praying for. I have a vivid memory of praying with just 3 of us, and praying that God would fill this base, that He would bring locals and people from around the world  to come and be trained and then sent off as missionaries. I also remember God saying that He was going to fill this base and our biggest problem would be where do we put everyone… These prayers were under a year ago and WOW is God answering them… this whole week has been building beds, getting rooms finished and “where do we put everyone” – But more on this over the next few weeks.

So in all this busyness one thing God is calling me to is to “Take Time” I keep hearing Him whisper to me to “Take Time” and as I am being obedient to Him, I am being refreshed and a deep sense of Peace and Joy comes rushing in. I have taken time to go to the beach with my girls, we have been bike riding around the base, and made amazing masterpieces of chalk pictures on the sceptic tanks… These moments have been so precious and I am amazed at how when I take time for myself, for hubby, and for the girls, how the time seems to multiply itself and all of a sudden I not only have time to do the jobs I need to, but I have the energy and joy to complete them well. 

Take time… Over this next week, make it a priority to take time out for yourself, for your spouse, or for your children. See if it makes as big a difference for you as it did for me. 



4 thoughts on “Taking Time

  • Thanks for sharing! I love to hear what God is doing and I think I’ll take your advise and “take time” I know I need it and the other stuff will fall into place with the Lord’s help 🙂


  • Great to read your blog, Kate, and that in all the busyness of the Base you have time to write it and take your lovely girls to the beach. We are very excited that your prayers of a FULL Base are being answered. I had an opportunity to share at our church today on all that is happening at the Base


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