Clearing my foggy head

Wow! What a week… definitely not one that I want to repeat ever again!!

Sickness just came knocking at our door on monday morning and only now on Sunday evening do I feel like I have said “Good bye” to that nasty one. In the last 7 days every single one of us in this house has been sick, some worse than others, but it was a hard week.

One of the hardest things to do this week was to try and keep 2 little girls inside, to try and help them get better. This was helped along by many, many movies, puzzles, lego building, and more movies.

I was bed ridden for some of this week with no energy to do anything but think… and do you know what I thought about… all the things that needed to be done, not only around the house but also around the base… Unfortunately nothing could be done about any of these except think and pray for God to heal me.

So now we are sick free in the house and my head is starting to clear from this fog, where do I start? where do I start? I ask myself twice because it really is a big question. Where do I start? Time to really clear this foggy head… It feels like when you put your head under the water and just fully submerge yourself and then come back up for a breath… Washed and cleared…

First step first… Thank you Father for Your healing in our lives, thank you that you are a God who is alive and who gives life and who heals! So thank you Father for healing us!!

Second step… Planning, Tonight I set up a HUGE to do list of all the jobs that need to be done in the office over the next few months, so I can see what needs to be done and in what order. I have made a plan of how my days will look, prioritising time with family, base and home…

Final step…. Carrying it out.. I am always quick to make a list, or schedule but I am not so good at keeping it… So now I have you to help me … I have to carry it out now because I have told you all…

So thank you for helping  me to clear my foggy head 🙂


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