All about God October


I have been doing the FMS Photo a day challenge, and been having a real blast… The last month I tried to take photos of Island stuff, to give a taste of what life is like living in the Islands. (of course a few of my girls landed in there)
This month when I looked at the prompts, I really felt that I wanted to do something a bit different, maybe show what Mission life is like, or community living.. but as I thought more and more about it, I know what I am going to do…
October is going to be all about God! Every prompt I am going to use it to show a little piece of who God is. I am really excited about this…
I am also challenging myself to blog about it each day, share the photo maybe a verse or two, and share a little bit about who God is to me, and who the Bible says He is… Hopefully I can stick to this and blog each day…
So please join me on this, ย you can share photos with me too, or let me know who God is to you, using the same prompts… For more information on the FMS Photo A day you can go toย and check it all out.

So starting tomorrow we begin with the letter A…


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