M is for…



M is for… Majestic… When looking up into the sky on a moonlit night I am in awe and God and His Majesty…. When I look into the sky on a dark night and see stars everywhere, and even the milky way… I am stunned by His Might…

The God who created the whole earth and all the stars, sun and moon… He sees me… He loves me… He watches over me…

Psalm 19:1 says

The heavens declare the glory of God,
and the sky above proclaims his handiwork

When we see the sky and the heavens we are meant to be in awe of Him and fall at His feet in worship… It shows His glory!!

He is Mighty and Majestic and he Moves in us…

This week we are having our children’s kids camp and we are going to be talking to them about how God can use children for mighty things… How He speaks to children and How he says that He wants the children to come to Him. One thing I learn from working with children is How they see the joy in everyday things… My Big girl today came up to me with the tiniest purple flower and said it was for me… So tiny and not that amazing, but to her it was.

I asked my Big girl to see what God was saying to her today… She walked around the backyard a bit and then she said to me… “God told me he made everything.. The stars, the grass, the coconut trees, the beach, and you know what mum.. He made me…” Majesty!!! Gods majesty is so special when you hear it from the mouth of babes…. Its true.. God did make everything , and He made me… God is a Maker, He is Majestic, Mighty and He Moves…

M is for Majestic!!

See you tomorrow for N…

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