Real Living


It has been a while since I last blogged… It has been a looooooong 3 weeks….

My husband was away for 3 weeks on outreach and in that 3 weeks I had sick children and also many things going on at the base, that as the base leader I had to deal with. God gave me grace and joy, but at the same time every spare minute I was busy either in meetings, spending time with people, organising, emailing, helping in kitchen, as well as making sure the girls were not neglected. Hence the lack of blogs… something had to be put on hold just for a while.

Anyway I thought I would just update you on life here at the base over the last few weeks. God is so good!!

I am sure when some of you think about us here in the Cook Islands, you think of us swimming everyday and lying by the beach under the coconut trees…. well this is not what our life is like… first of all, you never lay under a coconut tree…. 😉

Seriously though, I know I do post pictures of the beach and the girls enjoying the beach, this is mostly because I don’t take photos of the everyday here. I don’t take photos of me doing email after email in the office, or doing finance folders and tons of photocopying. I don’t take photos of preparing meals for 20+ people everyday with the kitchen team. I don’t take photos of all the yard work and work duties that happen every afternoon. I don’t take photos of our hundreds of staff meetings, one on ones with students or lecture times. Maybe I should… thats a thought for a month next year.. maybe I’ll do a month of the everyday.

I love what we do and it is all for the Glory of God, training up people in DTS (Discipleship Training Schools) and preparing them for work either as Missionaries or in another type of Ministry, or even just getting them a solid understanding of Who God is before going back into whatever area in society they work in. I love working with the local Cook Island people and their beautiful culture, and seeing them come into an intimate relationship with God, it makes all the everyday things worth it.

I hope to be writing a little more often now my man is home, so let me know what do you want to know about being in Missions in the Pacific, or being a Mum on the Mission field.

See you soon.

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