It doesn’t rain… It pours!!

We have had no rain for around 2-3 months and our water levels on the Island were getting low… kinda funny I know.. We live on an island surrounded by water.

We had been praying for some rain… and a couple of days ago we got rain!!! It started on Monday slowly… and then Monday night it started to get heavier… and heavier.. and then on Tuesday morning it did not stop!! I took so many photos just watching the levels rise and it just amazed me at how quickly it happened.

This is just to show you a glimpse into tropical life here… not all coconut trees and beaches and mangoes! πŸ™‚


Here comes the rain on the horizon…


This is at about 9 am… just a big puddle…


The two houses starting to look like they are floating…


at around 10 am…


Now is the time we started seeing swimming centipedes and worms…


Not sure anyone was keen to use the playground…


About to lose the trampoline ladder…


Yep… there it goes…


Now we had to save the pigs as they were in it up to their necks… poor bubbas… they did not like being carried to higher ground… they were screaming like they thought we were going to kill them…


This is Hinrich Kraenzlin our DTS leader who though why not go for a swim… πŸ™‚


The boys saving our pool which was floating… that yellow thing in the background is the picnic table almost completely under…


The front of our house… starting to get a little concerned


The view from our front step… looked like a river just appeared…


Might as well make the most of it and have fun…


This is our front step… I am so thankful that just after this photo was taken it started to slow down and soak into the ground… Today finally the blue sky is back… but please keep us in your prayers as we have just begun the cyclone season for this year and they are predicting between 10-12 cyclones to hit in our area this year… which could mean more weather like this… Ill keep you posted πŸ™‚

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