Happy New Year

Just a quick post today…

Its New Years Eve here in Sydney and I am busy preparing myself for the New Year… Busy getting diaries in order, new journals and planners all up to date… I have set myself a small goal of getting organised and staying organised this year… we’ll see if that all happens..

New Years seem to do that don’t they, we make loads of resolutions and aim to make life easier and better than the last.

Our last year has been amazing! It has had its ups and downs but we have seen God move in Awesome ways! So I am not looking for ways to make next year better than last year, I am going to look for ways to make it another great year!

My Goals for 2015

To be more organised

To take more opportunities

To love more

To share more

Be more thankful

To be the best wife I can be

To be the best mum I can be

To lead with Integrity

and mostly to follow Jesus whole heartedly and be obedient to Him


Happy New Year Everyone and I will see you in 2015 we will see together what God has for us in 2015!


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