True Love

Well Happy Valentines day everyone…

I want to share with you a little about My True Love…

I am not trying to be cliche or cheesy but I have found a True Love that has seen me through so much of my life… He has seen me through my lowest of lows, when I was a teenager seeking for attention and still searching, He was there. When I miscarried a beautiful baby a couple of years ago, He was there. Even when I have come under strong persecution for just loving Him, He is there. This True love has also been there for me in my highest of high moments, when I have been travelling around the world He was there. When I met and married the most amazing man, He was there. When I gave birth two my two beautiful daughters, He was there. Even now as I talk to people about this love and share it with everyone, He is here.

I guess you have worked it out, I am talking about the True Love that comes from my Heavenly Father, from my Jesus, and the precious Holy Spirit! It is True love that is constant and always with me. It is a faithful love that has stood by me even when I had my back turned. It is a patient love that waits for me to understand, and doesn’t force itself on me. It is a forgiving love, it is quick to forgive whenever I ask, never to be brought up again. It is a comforting love that shelters me and I can hide in when I need to escape from life. It is a saving love that endured pain, and death so that I can have a relationship with Him, he gave all for me.

Most of all He give me a Real True Love! It is alive and real, it is so real I can feel it every day. I can see it in the creation around me, I can feel it in the atmosphere around me, i cannot ever deny this true, everlasting, faithful love.

So when you are thinking about Valentines day this year, or contemplating relationships, look to the One who is longing to show  you His love, to show you it is real, and to walk everyday hand in hand with you through this life. Look to Him who gave His life for you, whether you accept Him or not. Look to God for all your love and I promise you will NEVER be let down!

See you next time

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