Doing and Being – A tricky Balance

Just recently God has been speaking to me a lot about Doing and Being. It seems to be a theme that is popping up all over the place, nearly every time I open the Word, it is there jumping out at me.

I thought I would just share some of the thoughts that are coming out of it for me.

Firstly I want to talk about Luke chapter 10.

We see an interaction here between a lawyer and Jesus, the lawyer asks Jesus what can he do to get eternal life. Jesus answers saying what do you think? He replies with reciting some of the old testament – Love the Lord with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength and with all your mind, and Love your neighbour as yourself.

This is so huge that the lawyer asks another question, saying who is my neighbour.

We then hear the amazing story/parable from Jesus about the “Good Samaritan”

To be honest this is a story that I have heard since being a child and it is a story that I quite often skip over or at least skim over, because “I have heard it all before” but this time I really read it and was completely blown away by the BOLD LOVE that this man showed.

I guess we should mention here that it is a shocking story to the people of the time because the Samaritans and the Jewish people did not talk to each other, never mind help or touch them.

We see a Priest and a Levite walk straight past a dying man and not even bother to help one of their own people. We don’t hear why or what their reasons were but we know from the law that if they were to touch blood, or a dead person they would have been ceremonially unclean for many days. So instead of sacrificing that time and energy of all the cleansing rituals, they just acted like they didn’t see anything.

Then a Samaritan, who could have walked past and no one would have thought any different, he went above and beyond. Spending money at a local inn, making sure he got medical help and food and looked after. saving no expense. He showed amazing BOLD LOVE!!

It can be hard for us in our time and age to understand this story fully because there are so many cultural levels in it. But what we can understand is that the Samaritan when against all customs, all that the culture/religion told him to do and told him was right. He poured out LIFE-SAVING love on this man.

Put it to yourself would you sacrifice everything – money/respect/reputation/comfort to help someone in need. And not just people you know and love, but even the hard to love people? Can we put our faith into action, pouring Jesus’ love on the dying and hurting in the world?

I don’t think it is a coincidence that this story is very quickly followed by the story of Mary and Martha. The story where Jesus came over to their house, where Martha was busy DOING – rushing around preparing food and serving people, and Mary was BEING – just sitting at Jesus feet. Jesus says that what Mary has chosen is the better way. This seems to oppose the previous story in that Martha thought she was loving Jesus by serving, but Martha had the right heart and spent time at Jesus’ feet. It comes down to a heart mentality – Is our heart in the right place?

We see two stories very close together, one is a story of DOING – showing BOLD LOVE and the next a story of BEING – Being loved and just Being us at Jesus feet. Feeling the BOLD LOVE.

I have come to the conclusion that our lives are meant to be a beautiful balance of DOING and BEING.

I pray that my life is a life of BOLD LOVE – Showing this love to all the people that God puts in my path. I also want to be at Jesus’ feet being loved and being myself in a intimate relationship with Him. Make my life a balance of BEING and DOING Father.

Be Blessed


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