Starfish, waves, sea cucumbers and sea adventures

Ok I will admit something right now… I have lived in The Cook Islands for over 5 years, lived right across from the most amazing beach, and at this beach when its low tide you can walk right out to the reef at the end of the lagoon… I have never done this, until yesterday!! Sad I know… my husband goes out there all the time, but I am always at home with the children so I just never had the chance..

But yesterday we decided to have a family adventure, and we all went out to the reef!! It was amazing… we took a 2year old, a 6 year old out walking on the reef. Granted the 2 yr old pretty much stuck to our shoulders, but she was the best starfish spotter from that height.

The things we saw… starfish, sea urchins, fish, clams, sea cucumbers and so much coral… it was beautiful. When we finally got out to the reef, right where the HUGE waves were breaking I was in Awe… in Awe of God and His creation, in Awe of how the earth SHOUTS His name, His love and His Grace. I couldn’t miss this opportunity, this amazing opportunity to share this with our girls.

We started talking about what we could see and what that shows us of who God is and what He says about us. The waves, showing is awesomeness and his unending love for us. The coral, showing us His beauty and creativity, that He has also put in us. The fish, showing us that He cares even for the little things. It was such a precious time, Even Soana, my 6 year old, started asking questions, like “what does the sea cucumbers say about God?” That was a hard one! But I love that she is asking questions and looking around her world and discovering more and more about who God is.

I just want to encourage you today go on an adventure in nature somewhere, share who God is to your children, or even just remind yourself. God shows himself in all of creation… He is SHOUTING His name and His Love through everything around you.



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