Creating a meaningful morning routine from a sleep deprived Mama!

Firstly I want to tell you that this is something that I am still developing.. something that I haven’t perfected but I am still working out what works for me.

Secondly I want to say that my babies have never been good sleepers… my two older girls only started sleeping from 2 1/2 years old and I now have a 7 month old baby boy who is following in his sisters footsteps and not sleeping great…

So why do I think it’s important for me to have a decent morning routine?? Let me tell you..

  1. I think it’s important for me to be awake and functioning to some capacity when my kids wake up. I don’t know about you but if I get woken up by one of my kids and I’m not ready, I can be quite a grumpy morning monster… I can be snappy and not react well to them at all. However if I’m already awake, and have had some “me” time before they wake up, I actually can be a really pleasant mum, who is happy to see them and ready to take on the day with them.
  2. I think the way that I spend the first 15-20 minutes of my day really sets the tone for my whole day. If I have been woken up and then had to rush around getting kids breakfast, dressed and out the door for school, and am still not quite awake, my whole day feels rushed and disorganised. It feels like I can never get on top of anything, and I usually get upset or cranky about the littlest things. However if I have had time with God, over coffee, looked over my planner for the day, and maybe (If I’m lucky and they are still asleep) a little 10 mins exercise, I am ready for the day. My whole day feels like its happening for a purpose, I am generally way more joyful and settled.

Mission Mumma Bible Time

Ok so let me tell you how I set up my mornings… (I would like to just say that I have completely adapted this idea from Hello Mornings, and Kat Lee’s 3 minute mornings, and her philosophy/mantra of having a purposeful and life giving morning that has 3 parts to it – God, Plan, Move)

So the night before I usually set the timer on my coffee machine, have all my God time needs (Bible, pens, prayer journal, notebook…) and my planner all ready to go, so that in the morning I don’t have to make my coffee, or look for my books, everything is waiting for me. I have a nice space set up in the corner of our loungeroom with a lamp and table and big chair. It’s so warm and welcoming for me in the morning.

Mission Mumma Quiet time

I have my alarm set for 6am, although I am currently finding it is not quite enough time, so I’m thinking of possibly setting it a little earlier but let me just say this is completely with grace… My 7 month old does not sleep well, so if we have had a bad night and I have not had enough sleep then I give myself grace and not push myself to get up that early. Sometimes its only 10 minutes that I end up having, or somedays it just doesn’t happen at all… and thats ok.

I always start with my God time. So I either do my daily Bible readings, or write in my prayer Journal, I pray for my kids, my husband and anything else that I need to first. I plan on showing you my prayer journals and Bible Study tools in a future blog so keep your eye out!! – But what I will say is that there are some awesome Bible Apps for your phone that I absolutely love! The main ones I am using at the moment are the “She reads Truth” app, the “First 5” app and the basic “Bible” app.

Then I grab my daily planner and check my to do list for the day. I add anything that needs to be added, make a plan for the day, scheduling when I will be doing the different things. I then pray over my planner. This may sound silly, but the days I forget to do this step, I always have jobs not completed or I will run out of time on certain things. But if I pray over my to do list and schedule, I ask God to highlight anything I need to focus on, or anything I may have forgotten about or anything that i need to take off my list. My day always run so much smoother and more productive when it has been covered in prayer.

Mission Mumma Plan Time

Lastly I have my ‘move’ time. Now this is probably the area in which I have the most flexibility at the moment. If all I can do is have a glass of water and take my multivitamins then thats fine. If I have an extra few minutes and the kids are all still asleep or entertained then I can do 10 minutes of Pilates or mummy exercises that I have found on Youtube. This is an area I look forward to growing in and changing over time. Somedays this step gets postponed until after the older two kids have gone off to school and I then go for a 30 minute walk with baby.

I just wanted to say quickly that on the days that my baby has a bad night and I have not had enough sleep, I don’t push myself and I give myself grace. Maybe that day I do these steps once the older girls have gone to school, or maybe its done gradually throughout the day. It does make the day a little more difficult for me (but lets face it, it was already going to be a difficult day when i’m living on 3-5 hours of sleep). So don’t push yourself too hard. Be realistic!!

How do you get started?
I would have to say baby steps…. If you haven’t done anything like this before, just try getting up 10 minutes earlier and do 3 minutes of each part. Read some verses, pray over your planner or to do list, and do 3 mins of squats or crunches or something… Then slowly grow it, slowly bring it earlier.

So there you have it, that is my current morning routine, and why I think it’s important… If you want more details contact me, I would love to explain more, or you can also check out the Hello Mornings podcast and website. I have also linked below some of the other pages to have a look at if you are interested in having a meaningful, purposeful morning routine.

Let me know if you have any other ideas for me or if you give this a try.

Mission Mumma Morning

God Time :

She Reads Truth Bible

Cotton and co travellers journal

Plan Time :

Kikki K planners

Move Time :

Mummy Excercises

Quick Pilates work out

Revelation Wellness – Faith and Fitness

Podcasts I love to listen to while walking

God Centered Mom

Mom struggling well

She Proves Faithful


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