Keeping Spiritually Fed as a Busy Mum

It is a typical Sunday morning. The kids have woken up super early and are watching some cartoons while we wake up slowly over a cup of coffee. We enjoy breakfast as a family and then I look up at the clock and realise “WE NEED TO GET READY FOR CHURCH” and the mad hour begins! Showering, dressing, doing little girls hair and getting baby fed and ready to go. Somehow we make it to church in time, with smiles on our faces though they may be a little strained. (You know what I’m talking about). Once we get to church usually the worship time is ok and the kids dance around like adorable little ballerinas and all is great. Then the sermon starts…

Now some of you may be super blessed with a church that has a Sunday school running at the same time as the service, or even a childcare in the church. However, our church does not have these all the time. During the sermon time usually baby will start crying, or one or both girls need to go to the bathroom, or something happens which makes me miss out on some or all of the message time of the service.

I know sometimes its easy to just forget it and try again next Sunday but I really strongly believe that its important for us Mummas to get fed spiritually so that we can not only have the strength to face each day, but also so that we have something to give out to our children and husbands. We cannot give from an empty tank!

It can be really easy to become dry and stuck in life when we are not getting the Word of God into our lives.

“I am the Bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst.”

John 6:35

When we come to Jesus, we will not hunger and thirst, which means we will be completely satisfied. Satisfied in life, satisfied in our relationships, and satisfied in our Motherhood. We won’t feel dry, or empty, or weak, or incapable to keep going. I want that!! I want to be completely satisfied in Him and in my life!! Filled up and overflowing so that I can give out! So I can give of myself, so I can be a good witness to my children, my husband, family and people around me.

So how do I keep myself spiritually fed when missing out on the some or all of the service each Sunday? Here are a few of the ways…

spiritually fed1


This is my favourite go to at the moment. I listen to podcasts when I’m folding laundry, going for a walk, cooking dinner, and sometimes just doing the daily school pick ups. There are some awesome podcasts out there with sermons by nearly every preacher you can think of. A few of my favourite Christian Mum podcasts are these : The God Centred Mom, Mom Struggling Well, She Proves Faithful, and At Home.


There are some beautiful devotionals available out there right now. Even if you only get 5 minutes to read them, you will get God’s Word and some great teaching that’s creative and encouraging.
I recommend: She Reads Truth, The Daily Grace Co, and Illustrated Faith.

Phone Apps

Sometimes its hard to get much time to read the Bible so I love to have it on my phone. When I’m feeding baby, or putting him to sleep, or even if I’m in a waiting room somewhere, no need for candy crush, here are some great apps that have the Bible on them or little 2 minute devotions you can read quickly: Holy Bible, First 5, She Reads Truth, Thrive Moms and Pray Today.

Worship Music

Just having it playing in the background can set such an amazing atmosphere in your home. Also you can sing and have your own worship time while you are doing anything around the house and get some deep truths into your heart through Worship. My favourite Worship at the moment is : Kari Jobe, Bethel, Josh Garrels, Sandra McCracken, Hillsong and Chris Tomlin.


Read Read Read

Reading is an obvious but mostly overlooked way for us to seek out teaching. I have recently just started reading again, I used to claim that I was too busy to read and never had time. Then I looked at my reality and I was scrolling on my phone sometimes for up to an hour before bed. I have now given myself a rule, once I am in bed at the beginning of the night No Phone! So now I have heaps of time to read before bed. My Reading list is growing everyday as I discover new authors and new books I cant wait to get my hands on.

I think the most important thing to remember is to make it a priority to spend time with God. For myself I have had to catch myself mindlessly scrolling instagram or pinterest before thinking “hmmm is this the best way I can be spending my time right now??” Now I’m not saying instagram or pinterest is wrong at all, I love social media and it does give me a break every now and then when i need it. But it doesn’t bring me life like getting into the Word or being in His presence. So totally NO GUILT!!! Give yourself grace, especially when you are in the stages with newborns or teething babies who are not sleeping well. Do what you need to to survive. Just be encouraged that spending time with the Lord however you can will help you in ways that I can’t even describe!!!

Have you got any other ideas of how to get extra teaching as a busy mum? How do you keep your self spiritually fed as a busy mum?

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