Resources for Studying the Word for Busy Mums.

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It can be hard to find time to study the Bible when you are a busy, tired and always needed Mum. When your nights are long and you don’t feel like getting up early, when your days are short trying to fit everything in and your To Do List is miles long, Bible study can feel like a chore. We all know the feeling, we don’t want it to be a chore, we want to want it, but sometimes it is just too hard.

So instead of giving up, I have got a few resources to help you out. Even if you only have 15 minutes spread out through the day, you can study the Bible effectively and productively. These are some of the tools that I use in my 15 minute Bible study each morning.

Before we look at the resources, I just want to quickly say that whatever amount of time you have, you can study the Word. Just break it up, take it in small sections and small amounts. Don’t try and do a whole book or whole chapter in one sitting. Read it on one day, then your next sitting look at context, or what stands out to you. Look at repeated words in a another sitting, so it might take you longer to study through a passage but you will get to study it well. Don’t get overwhelmed, get excited!!


So obviously to study the Bible you need a Bible…. But what is the right one for you right now? This can be different for different people so let me share a few that I have found really helpful in this season. Personally I use an ESV, CSB and a NKJV to study in because I love the translations and they are easy to study. You can of course use your own Bible that you have currently, but in case you are looking for something great and new for studying in I have a few to share with you. 30723824_10156136034447209_2972417965003112448_n

She Reads Truth Bible – CSB I love this one, it has some great commentary and articles in it to help you when reading the bible. It also has  a bonus of some very beautiful artwork for each Book. There are graphs and maps, and timelines to help you see context of each book of the Bible, as well as reading plans for each Book. It is a note taking Bible which means it has larger margins to allow room to write your notes in. I love this Bible and use to for studying.

Some other Journaling Bibles, (ESV) that I have used and think are amazing are these ones.


Ok so for sure use what ever pens and highlighter you have, you don’t need to buy new ones, however I am a sucker for good school supplies…. anybody else? And any excuse to get new ones, Im all for!!

I love Frixon Highlighters, they can be erased off the page and they do not bleed through even the thinest of Bible pages!! I love that!! You can also get some amazing Gel Highlighters that do this same job as well.

I Love love love coloured pens and use the Paper Mate ball point pens to underline and circle and write notes in my Bible. I have my own colour coding system that I use for my own Bible study and these pens allow me to have so many colours for so many things… I also use the Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens, however these bleed through the Bible pages, but you can use them in your journal or workbook if you are using one on the side.


Ok speaking of Journals, I do have a journal that I will write extended notes in when I have time if there is something that really stands out to me and I want to really get it into my head and heart. I personally use any journal that has lots of pages, I love Kikki K ones and ones from the Typo store in Australia. But there are some great ones also from anchored press, well watered women and the Daily Grace co. Here are some Writing Journals that are just as good and of course you can use any notebook you have lying around the house.


So when I am studying the Bible I really like to go into studying the context of the passage, so I use a Strong’s Concordance of the Bible and a Bible Dictionary. Now you can use the old school paper versions (which I love) or there are some awesome apps like the Blue letter Bible App, and the You Version Bible app. these have great commentaries and the Blue letter Bible App allows you to look at the meanings of the word using a Strongs concordance all in the app itself.30716004_10156136033752209_8559821644279840768_n

If you would like some actual Bible Studies that are aimed at women, and studying an actual Book, rather than a theme here are some amazing ones that I have loved.

Katie Orr – Focus15 Bible Study resources (specifically for if you only have 15 minutes to study)

Well Watered Women – They are currently studying through Ephesians and in the first week alone we have read the book at least 5 times. It sounds like a lot but they break it down and make it so doable.

Daily Grace Co. – have many different studies including books and great theme studies.


So there are so many great podcasts out there, I would include my own in terms of looking at what the Bible has to say to you in different seasons you are going through. Here are a few more as well.

Katie Orr and her husband have a great podcast that gives you great insight into how to study the Bible as well as tackling tough ideas and theology! I love this one, and also it is only around 15 minutes long so really easy to listen to.

Phylicia Mason Heimer with Lisa Hensley has a podcast called Uniquely Women and it has some great discussions on theology and studying the Bible. This one is also great and easy to listen to as you feel like you are just sitting down with them with a coffee and enjoying a great discussion.

She Proves Faithful – Lauren Hlushak talks all things womanhood and theology. It is so easy to listen to and the way she breaks down even complex ideas is so helpful. I would very much encourage you to have a listen and follow her on instagram too as she makes theology not such a scary idea.

These are just some of the resources I use when studying the Bible. Don’t let it be overwhelming, but just make time and make it a priority and you will start to see a difference in your “quiet times”.

So let me know if you try out some of these, or do you have some more that I haven’t got here.

One last encouragement – Just do whatever you can to get into Gods Word, it will always be worth it! And the more you do it the more you will want to do it. So like Nike says… Just Do It!

xx Kate

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