Word before World – Putting God first in our busy day

Putting God first in my day has always been an ongoing struggle for me. It is one discipline that I go from being 150% in to completely neglecting it. I can go from getting up at 5:30 and loving that quiet, dark time alone with the Lord, to then waking up grumpy and slowly and just having that quick breath prayer.

Well Watered Women have got an amazing challenge going on right now, and that is the “Word before World” Challenge. Basically it is a challenge for women to get into Gods Word before they get into the day, before they pick up the phone and start scrolling, before they have to deal with emotional kids, before they have to be anything they can just be with God.

I have been following along with the challenge and have had amazing mornings with God, in the quiet, in the dark before my little ones wake up and demand things of me. I have had mornings of sweet connections through the Word with the One who loves me more than anything and as He pours His life into me, I am re-charged and can take on the day.

I have also had days where after a night of a baby boy not sleeping well, or a night of sickness, it is just too hard to wake up and get in any right frame of mind. I feel it, I feel that I needed that time with God but bed was just too comfortable after only 4 hours of sleep. When I do get up the day is already started and I am running behind all day.

There is Grace for us Mums I know that for sure!! But one thing I know is that I am challenging myself that even if all I get is a quick breath prayer before my feet hit the floor, or if it is just a quick verse that I read that is pasted on my mirror, or maybe it is just a  worship song while we are all having breakfast. Regardless of if I get an amazing 30 minutes with the Lord or just 2 minutes with Him, I will put Him before the World!

Would you like to join in on this challenge? To put Him before everything else, even if it is just 2 minutes? I know that God sees our hearts and He will bless us as we push into Him and begin to make Him our priority and Him our first thoughts of the day.

Be encouraged Mummas!!!

Word before World-2

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