Essentially Free

I believe that everyone can be Essentially Free – Free to be who we have been created to be. Free to be empowered to look after not only our own health, but also our families through God made, natural solutions. Free to Dream big and live a life that gives Glory to God and brings deep Joy and Peace to ourselves. Free to love others and give of ourselves to serve people in our community and beyond, for Him

In our Home we use essential oils everyday and love them for not only their beautiful aromas, but also for their benefits for us for our health and wellness. I love these gifts from God and am passionate about helping others experience them and get started on their own journey with these oils. 

I became a wellness advocate with DoTERRA in April this year to help finance this ministry and so that I can be at home with the kids and continue my main ministry – motherhood.

Are you interested in starting with Essential oils? As a Wellness advocate with DoTERRA I am happy to talk more about it with you and get you started on your oils journey.