Zoom in before Zooming out

Do you ever just scroll through Instagram or Facebook and get so upset with yourself because your house doesn’t look like that? Or because “they” have the perfect flat lay of baby toys and clothes, while you are struggling to keep anything clean and nothing you have matches.

What about when you see those pictures of the perfect quiet time… A bible and a coffee, laptop probably, the latest book that’s a must read and of course the perfect clean background, either a clean work space or even better a clean bed with white sheets…

But let me tell you a secret… shhh you’re not allowed to tell anybody… these photos are just a zoomed in focussed picture of something somebody has set up…. There is a reason they have zoomed in and that’s because if you zoomed out of that picture this is what you would probably see… you would see messy tables, messy floors, messy kids and a mama who is a complete hot mess! And who really wants to see that in a photo?

I am guilty of the perfect quiet time picture… I take them regularly to post them to inspire and encourage people to get into the Word…but if I could zoom out a bit let me tell you what you would find… Let me use an example…


This might look like the perfect quiet time but when you zoom out…

Zoom out and you will see a messy table that is crying out in neglect. With piles and piles of homework, junk, and pieces of paper that look important but who really knows, or remembers.

Zoom out and you will see clean washing needing to be put away, not just some washing but what I like to call Mt. Washmore, a mountain that even the most daring of mountain climbers would hesitate to climb.

Zoom out and you will see kids watching Sesame Street, for the 100th time this week just to get some peace and quiet. Yes, I use the TV as a babysitter sometimes.

Zoom out you will see a house with a chore list not getting any smaller. In fact the longer I sit here I can physically see the list getting longer and longer.

But what if, for just 5 minutes I choose to zoom in. I choose to not look around at my circumstances or busyness, but I choose to stop – Selah – and breathe and Zoom in, this is what you would find.
Zoom in and you will see that I took 5 mins to catch my breath. A much needed breath like the one taken while swimming, between diving under the waves again.
Zoom in and you will see the moment that I listened to God and what He had for me in that breath. Hearing what God says about me and my purpose as a Mum and as His daughter.

Zoom in and I could realign myself with His Spirit and check myself and my attitudes. Those selfish thoughts, those poor me moments, and those horrible slip ups of anger filled responses to the kids and husband, and ask for forgiveness so I can move on and walk in freedom.
Zoom in and I got to prepare myself for the afternoon onslaught of homework, hungry children, bath and bed routine… cause you all know that we need every bit of God in those evening routines!!! Can I get an Amen??!?
So I chose to Zoom in for 5 minutes and it changed my day!! – It really did!! And sometimes when all is calm in the Moala Tribe and I get to take more than 5 minutes it is pure Luxury!!

I just want to encourage you today… take 5 minutes if that’s all you can and chose to Zoom in… Choose to take time to zoom into what God says about you, what He can help you with. Let Him give you the strength to get through the next few hours. Take that well needed and deserved breath before the next set of waves come pounding in.

Then, when you have to, zoom out and tackle each little task as you always do but with God whispering to you and cheering you on. So remember when you see those perfect Instagram photos to be encouraged and inspired but don’t lose the sense of reality.

Choose to Zoom in before Zooming out!

A New Year, A New…

Hi Everyone!! As I look back on the posts from last year I see a recurring theme of me staring to write a post saying “I know its been a while”, or “Sorry I haven’t posted in a while” or something like that, so I am not going to say anything like that and I am starting afresh!


Hi! My name is Kate Moala and I am Missionmumma. What does that mean? I am a Mum on a Mission. No, not 007 mission or anything like that… but my husband and myself work with YWAM or Youth With A Mission in the Cook Islands. We are missionaries working in a beautiful Island culture and it is an amazing life. If you want to see more of what we specifically do you can head to http://www.ywamcooks.org and its all there.

I am, however, not just a missionary to the people here in Rarotonga, Cook Islands, but also (and I think more importantly) I am a missionary to my little family. My children are my main “mission field” I am called by God to train up my children in the way they should go, to point them to Jesus.

So that is what this blog is about, I will be posting about being a Missionmumma. Some posts will be about YWAM life, Island life and being on actual mission trips as a family; and some posts will be about being a Missionary to my kids and how you can too.

I hope you love it, I know I will enjoy writing it and hearing from you as well. I will be posting something early next week, let me know if you have any questions about our slightly different life and maybe I can post about those 🙂

Kia Manuia, Tu’a ofa atu and lots of love and blessings



From Lagoon to Bush

Reverse culture shock is not something that is easy to deal with… especially when you think you are coming “home”..

Last week I arrived back to Sydney with my two girls, we arrived all excited and ready for our Christmas holiday.

It only took about a couple of hours for me to realise that since leaving Sydney one and a half years ago some things had changed and I started to go into a little bit of culture shock…

When we are in the Cook Islands I call Australia “home”, but I have noticed that since being here I also call the Cook Islands “home”…. so which is it? Australia or the Cooks? I don’t think its as easy as that, especially being in YWAM. I am only now beginning to realise that I may have 2 homes…

I have the home where I grew up.. all my family is here, my friends, all the food and ideas that are so familiar to me are here. The familiar noises, smells and sights that I have for a long time believed to be my beloved home… Australia.

I also have the home where I live my everyday life, my big girl goes to school there, I go grocery shopping there, we work and live there. It also has familiar noises, smells and sights that I now affiliate with home…

This really pulls you in two directions…

When we first arrived, I did go into a culture shock of being back in Sydney. The busyness, the new shops, the traffic… It did send me into a spin.

I went through some distinct phases of my culture shock…

First was the honeymoon stage… everything was wonderful and amazing…

Then guilt… I can’t enjoy this its not right…

Then frustration… at all the new and changed things…

Then a stage of being overwhelmed… I just can’t make a decision about anything, there are too many choices….

The next stage was of acceptance… I get it, its been a year and a half things have to change…

then finally a mastery… like I’ve got this…

I still go between all these stages, so I don’t think once you go through them, then you’re all good, but it takes time and flexibility I guess….

In a couple of weeks we will be heading “home” to the Cooks and I am sure I will have to do it all again, but until then I am going to enjoy our family holiday (even more when hubby arrives on Saturday!!!), and rest and prepare for next year and whatever God has for us in YWAM Cook Islands in 2015.