You say Goodbye, I say Hello…

I grew up listening to The Beatles, thanks to my music teacher mother, and I often think of the song “You say Goodbye, and I say Hello… hello hello…” for a few reasons. Not only is it a great song, by classic musicians, but as a Mission family, I feel like this is a part of our life.

“Goodbye’s” and “Hello’s” are very much a part of our regular lives. Where we live on a YWAM Base, living in community, there are always people leaving and people arriving. Some people stay for only a short time, maybe a week or two, some stay for a few months and others are a part of our lives for years.

When we first arrived here almost 7 years ago, it used to affect me so much when we would have to say goodbye to people. I have a memory of crying at the airport saying goodby to an outreach team who were only going to be gone for 2 months before coming back. However now it doesn’t seem to affect me as much.. sure there are certain people that i get upset when they leave, especially if they have been with us for a while, but i wonder if i’ve put a bit of a wall up, not letting myself feel it as much, or maybe I’m just getting used to it.

I pray, though, for my kids… I do not want them to start to build a wall, i don’t want them to not want to get to know people because they might leave. I encourage my girls to get to know and hang out with the people who come our way, and when they leave its hard on them but helping them process it means that they can say hello to the next person who comes along.

Here are some of the ways I help my girls to say goodbye well..

  1. Prepare them for it… Leading up to the goodbye talk to them about it, explain why the person is leaving, where they are going and ask them if they have any questions
  2. Create something... For the person leaving, either a letter to read on the plane, a card, or painting. Something special for that person from them.
  3. Make the Good bye quick… Don’t have it drawn out for them… these are big emotions for the kids to feel and if it gets drawn out it can get confusing and really quite distressing.
  4. Hugs on their terms…. I never force them to hug or kiss anyone, its all on their terms… for many reasons, but for the sake of this topic the emotions they are feeling can make the kids react in different ways and sometimes they just want to withdraw, its not fair for me to force them to have to actually say goodbye.
  5. My kids emotional health is the priority not the adults feelings… this may seem harsh but this links with the above point. If my child is not coping with the goodbye, me dealing with that and being there for them is more important than the adult who is leaving’s feelings being hurt by my child not saying goodbye.. They are my main priority who I am protecting and helping.
  6. Look it up on the globe or map…. After the person has left, discuss where the person is going to… talk about the countries, look at pictures, flags, food all that fun stuff, it then becomes a teaching point and talking point of the family…
  7. Write letters or draw pictures… to people once they have left and send them (to be honest I’m not so good at this one but it is a thought I’ve had 🙂
  8. Pray for the person who has left…  I pray with my girls for the person or people who have left, if i know of prayer requests from them we pray for that, otherwise we generally pray for them and talk about how God will protect them and be with them just as He is with us.

These are just a few ways that I have helped my little to say goodbye well… do you have any more ideas that I haven’t thought of?

One last thought… Without them knowing I am discipling them and teaching them that this world is not their home… we are just travelling through ourselves… we look to a heavenly home and keep our eyes on eternity… now I don’t specifically say that to my kids but by teaching them to say hello and goodbyes well I am teaching them this deep truth… (Hebrews 13:14 – For this world is not our permanent home; we are looking forward to a home yet to come.)

Finally I like to make it super exciting when we get to say hello to someone new… and if you know my children, they are super outgoing and love new people so hopefully for now the exciting and fun “hellos” outweigh the sad and hard “goodbyes”….

So now I say Goodbye not hello, and will talk again soon 🙂




Doing and Being – A tricky Balance

Just recently God has been speaking to me a lot about Doing and Being. It seems to be a theme that is popping up all over the place, nearly every time I open the Word, it is there jumping out at me.

I thought I would just share some of the thoughts that are coming out of it for me.

Firstly I want to talk about Luke chapter 10.

We see an interaction here between a lawyer and Jesus, the lawyer asks Jesus what can he do to get eternal life. Jesus answers saying what do you think? He replies with reciting some of the old testament – Love the Lord with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength and with all your mind, and Love your neighbour as yourself.

This is so huge that the lawyer asks another question, saying who is my neighbour.

We then hear the amazing story/parable from Jesus about the “Good Samaritan”

To be honest this is a story that I have heard since being a child and it is a story that I quite often skip over or at least skim over, because “I have heard it all before” but this time I really read it and was completely blown away by the BOLD LOVE that this man showed.

I guess we should mention here that it is a shocking story to the people of the time because the Samaritans and the Jewish people did not talk to each other, never mind help or touch them.

We see a Priest and a Levite walk straight past a dying man and not even bother to help one of their own people. We don’t hear why or what their reasons were but we know from the law that if they were to touch blood, or a dead person they would have been ceremonially unclean for many days. So instead of sacrificing that time and energy of all the cleansing rituals, they just acted like they didn’t see anything.

Then a Samaritan, who could have walked past and no one would have thought any different, he went above and beyond. Spending money at a local inn, making sure he got medical help and food and looked after. saving no expense. He showed amazing BOLD LOVE!!

It can be hard for us in our time and age to understand this story fully because there are so many cultural levels in it. But what we can understand is that the Samaritan when against all customs, all that the culture/religion told him to do and told him was right. He poured out LIFE-SAVING love on this man.

Put it to yourself would you sacrifice everything – money/respect/reputation/comfort to help someone in need. And not just people you know and love, but even the hard to love people? Can we put our faith into action, pouring Jesus’ love on the dying and hurting in the world?

I don’t think it is a coincidence that this story is very quickly followed by the story of Mary and Martha. The story where Jesus came over to their house, where Martha was busy DOING – rushing around preparing food and serving people, and Mary was BEING – just sitting at Jesus feet. Jesus says that what Mary has chosen is the better way. This seems to oppose the previous story in that Martha thought she was loving Jesus by serving, but Martha had the right heart and spent time at Jesus’ feet. It comes down to a heart mentality – Is our heart in the right place?

We see two stories very close together, one is a story of DOING – showing BOLD LOVE and the next a story of BEING – Being loved and just Being us at Jesus feet. Feeling the BOLD LOVE.

I have come to the conclusion that our lives are meant to be a beautiful balance of DOING and BEING.

I pray that my life is a life of BOLD LOVE – Showing this love to all the people that God puts in my path. I also want to be at Jesus’ feet being loved and being myself in a intimate relationship with Him. Make my life a balance of BEING and DOING Father.

Be Blessed


True Love

Well Happy Valentines day everyone…

I want to share with you a little about My True Love…

I am not trying to be cliche or cheesy but I have found a True Love that has seen me through so much of my life… He has seen me through my lowest of lows, when I was a teenager seeking for attention and still searching, He was there. When I miscarried a beautiful baby a couple of years ago, He was there. Even when I have come under strong persecution for just loving Him, He is there. This True love has also been there for me in my highest of high moments, when I have been travelling around the world He was there. When I met and married the most amazing man, He was there. When I gave birth two my two beautiful daughters, He was there. Even now as I talk to people about this love and share it with everyone, He is here.

I guess you have worked it out, I am talking about the True Love that comes from my Heavenly Father, from my Jesus, and the precious Holy Spirit! It is True love that is constant and always with me. It is a faithful love that has stood by me even when I had my back turned. It is a patient love that waits for me to understand, and doesn’t force itself on me. It is a forgiving love, it is quick to forgive whenever I ask, never to be brought up again. It is a comforting love that shelters me and I can hide in when I need to escape from life. It is a saving love that endured pain, and death so that I can have a relationship with Him, he gave all for me.

Most of all He give me a Real True Love! It is alive and real, it is so real I can feel it every day. I can see it in the creation around me, I can feel it in the atmosphere around me, i cannot ever deny this true, everlasting, faithful love.

So when you are thinking about Valentines day this year, or contemplating relationships, look to the One who is longing to show  you His love, to show you it is real, and to walk everyday hand in hand with you through this life. Look to Him who gave His life for you, whether you accept Him or not. Look to God for all your love and I promise you will NEVER be let down!

See you next time

Z is for….

Final letter…. Z… the only word that I could think of for this one was ZEALOUS!… God is Zealous for us…


What is Zeal? Zeal is a Passion… A full on heated passion towards something or someone….

God has this passion for us… He is Zealous for us!!!

2 Kings 19:31 says

For out of Jerusalem shall go a remnant, and out of Mount Zion a band of survivors. The zeal of the Lord will do this

This is an odd verse for me to pull out I know.. but when you look at the story, it is a story of How God saved His people, and when you look at why? because of His Zeal… because of His passion for His people he saved them… Because of His heated passion for me.. He saved me… Not because of anything I have done, or anything I may do… but because of his burning jealous love for me…. This is the kind of God I want to serve with my whole life.. one who loves me so passionately that He would even die on the cross for me… lay His life down and take my sins on him, the consequence of death on Him… So that He can Love me with this passion forever….

I don’t know about you but that excites me…. that gives me the strength to keep going, even when its hard…. that is why I do what I do….

Bless you guys who have been following my all about God october, only 5 days left and I’m finishing with the numbers 1-5, I will blog them all at the end….

I have had so much fun doing this month, I have learnt so much…. I hope you have enjoyed it and been blessed by it…

See you soon

L is for…


L is for … LOVE….

My God is Love…

One of my favourite verses that shows us the sweetness of Gods love is in Zephaniah 3: 17

The Lord your God is in your midst,
a mighty one who will save;
he will rejoice over you with gladness;
he will quiet you by his love;
he will exult over you with loud singing

It shows us how he sings over us, Loudly… and He also quiets us with his Love… It is such a beautiful picture of love…

All through Song of Songs we can see a parallel of Gods love to us His Bride… and it is romantic and passionate.

We also see time and time again in the word that God loves us as His own children, Like a Father..

1 John 3:1 says

See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are.

My God is Love… he is all that Perfect Love is… and All that Perfect Love is for me… its for You… Its for the world… How can we hide this Love to ourselves… we need to share this Love.. This Perfect Love…

I could seriously go on and on for pages about Gods love.. so much to share.. Like from Hosea, from 1 Corinthians13, through the Psalms, Isaiah, and so so so much more… but for tonight My God Loves me and I am resting in His love, a love that strengthens me, and holds me, and reassures me, and lifts me… My God is Love….

L is for Love…

See you tomorrow for M…